Animal Maniac

by Will Parker

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    Artwork by Jessica Tilton Zertuche.

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Will Parker and Sam Fuller unite to bring you an experience that's sure to have you singing, dancing and mooing. Their mission is to help kids (ages 1-100) discover the self-love and confidence they need to unlock their innately creative selves. Sometimes this mission starts with a song. This album was made with love, joy and a redeeming sense of the absurd. Thanks for listening!


released June 1, 2017

All songs written by Will Parker
Recorded and produced by Sam Fuller

Animal Maniacs include:
Will Parker - Lead vocals, harmonica
Sam Fuller - Vocals, guitar, ukulele, bass, percussion
Michelle Benton - Vocals on tracks 3, 5, 7
Pony Song Kids - Liam, Sophia and Piper
Special thanks to the Crawfish Boil Choir for gang vocals

Album art by Jessica Tilton Zertuche



all rights reserved


Will Parker San Antonio

Will Parker is a musician for kids "ages of 1 to 100." During Will's whimsical and interactive shows, he plays guitar and harmonica and sings songs that open us up to the world of imagination while simultaneously validating the human experience. A fan favorite at each of Will's show is an improvised song based on topic suggestions from the audience. ... more

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Track Name: Animal Maniac
Listen up, I'm at it again
I got another rap for my animal friends
Protecting their rep because they're misunderstood
You know myths and misconceptions never did any good

People may mention a poisonous snake
You should say venomous, an easy mistake
Most folks may think bats are blind
But bats can see completely fine
Earwigs don't live inside your ears
Ostrich won't hide its head in fear
Sheep and pigs are intelligent
Just like elephants
And owls ain't wise
Big eyes are irrelevant

I'm an animal maniac
He's an animal brainiac X2

Listen you've been missing facts if you've been listening to myths
If you've been misinformed I ask for you to take to task the bits
of false information, spread across the nation, understand the animals
and revel in creation

Bulls don't charge the color red
They're charging that fast movement instead
And daddy long legs is not a venomous spider
Its a fangless arachnid with not venom insider her
There's not a bunch of water in a camel's hump
That hump stores fat and that's enough
Canines being color blind just ain't true
Did you know that dogs can see blue?

A mother bird won't abandon her baby
Because of the scent left when touched by a kid, man or lady
Turkeys don't drown in the rain
And goldfish can store more than three seconds of memory in their brain

I'm an animal maniac
He's an animal brainiac X2

Now we're animal maniacs
Now you're animal brainiacs X2

Now we're animal maniacs!
Track Name: Amanda the Dancing Panda
Amanda, dancing panda
Amanda, the dancing panda! X2

Doesn't mind who stares
Doesn't care who's gawking
Dancing everywhere
While the world is watching
The other animals, hiding in their shells
Behind their floppy ears
Too shy to jump or yell
Staring at Amanda in wonder and awe
The only dancing panda that they ever saw

Amanda, dancing panda
Amanda, the dancing panda! X2

And Amanda stands on the hill
Grooving through the bamboo
Never staying still
She shouts to the animals who are too shy to move,
"You can dance if you want to. With dancing, you can't lose!"

Amanda, dancing panda
Amanda, the dancing panda! X2

Suddenly the animals, one by one
Come out from hiding into the sun
Amanda inviting them to have a ball
Come on all you animals, let's dance till we drop!

Amanda Panda, man you understand ya
If you can dance and ya a man or a woman or an animal
Moves so hot, they're flammable
Spontaneous combustion
Man, you just can't handle 'em

Amanda, dancing panda
Amanda, the dancing panda! X4
Track Name: Hip-Hop Bunny Hop
It's a habit of a rabbit to hop, never stopping
Funny how fun it is for bunnies to keep jumping
Never sleeping, ever eating carrots
It's apparent that their energy perpetually causes hares to be carefree

Do you dare me to pop up and not stop all my hopping till I drop
Such a top way to be mocking rabbit habits, back at it again
The facts are my friends are hopping for hours on end

Hip-Hop Bunny Hop X4

Celery and broccoli
Carrots, man I wanna be
Eating those edible vegetables
That give 'em incredible, impeccable, flexible skills
They're hopping and you'll often be getting your fill of veggies
We will not stop hopping often until forever ends
So that's never, ya feels?

Hip-Hop Bunny Hop X4

Right hop, left hop
How fast can your bunny ears flop?
Front hop, back hop
Flop those bunny ears till they drop

Hip-Hop Bunny Hop X4

Right hop, left hop
How fast can your bunny ears flop?
Front hop, back hop
Flop those bunny ears till they drop

Hip-Hop Bunny Hop!
Track Name: The Insect Song
Gary, the grasshopper, loves to hop around
First getting down, down low to the ground
Then springing back up into the air
Hopping, hopping all day long
Hopping everywhere!

Brittany, the butterfly, loves to fly all day
Flapping her pretty wings, flying her own way
Zooming, soaring, floating through the air
Flying, flying all day long
Flying everywhere!

Freddy, the firefly, loves to brightly glow
Lighting up the night sky everywhere he goes
Brilliant, radiant, a tiny yellow flare
Glowing, glowing all night long
Glowing everywhere!
Track Name: Ow Ow Owl
Ow Ow Owl X2

"Ow!" yelled the owl, when he flew into a tree
"Ow!" yelled the owl, when he fell into some leaves
"Ow!" yelled the owl, when he tried to fly again
"Ow!" yelled the owl. Ow ow owl, watch out friend!

Ow Ow Owl X2

Tends to get hurt, falling in the dirt,
Hitting every branch on the way down
Owl tries to fly and soar, but he get hurt some more
Tumbling to the ground!

Ow Ow Owl X2

What does owl crash, when he tries to fly?
He's got feathers and wings; I've got to wonder why
He doesn't use them, just falls straight out of the tree
What's the deal with this weird owl mystery
Who? Who? Who? Who? Who could this owl be?

Ow Ow Owl X2

I watched the owl wiggling in the dirt
I carefully approached to see if he was hurt
Suddenly, the owl popped off its head!
I was about to freak out, but then a mouse crawled out instead

"Clever disguise, young mouse! A cunning way to avoid your predator--well done!"

Ow Ow Owl X4
Track Name: We're the Only Wooly Mammoths Left
Verses 1 & 2
WILL: I haven’t seen anyone like you and me
SAM: It’s been awhile since I’ve known anyone like us
WILL: I guess we’re on our own.

WILL: Where did they all go?
SAM: Was it a meteor, earthquake?
WILL: Maybe too much snow?
SAM: Where could they be?
WILL: Here one day, gone the next
SAM: It’s a mystery!

BOTH: We’re the only wooly mammoths left. (x2)

Verse 3
WILL: I wish we could find another mammoth or two
Don’t get me wrong; I like being friends with you.
It would just be nice to play uno with three, so you can’t
skip me then make me draw twice

BOTH: We’re the only wooly mammoths left. (x2)

Verse 4
SAM: You and I must continue on.
WILL: It’s us against the elements.
We won’t last that long.
SAM: Maybe we should check the field by the lake
Haven’t looked there yet…
WILL: Hey, what’s this trail of cake?
SAM: Suprise!

Verse 5
WILL: Oh, look! Wowee! A surprise birthday party--just for me.
How’d you know I wanted it at the skating rink?
Boy, I’m sure glad all our friends aren’t extinct.

BOTH: We’re not the only wooly mammoths left (x2)

Verse 6, 7 & 8
WILL: Blowing out the candles on my cake
SAM: Holy mammoth, this birthday has been great
WILL: And look! Fireworks all around!
SAM: Or are those meteors hurdling toward the ground?
BOTH: We’re gonna survive the apocalypse somehow!

SAM: Oh, no! The meteors are plummeting faster!
WILL: This birthday party has been a natural disaster!

SAM: Oh, phew. We’re still alive.
WILL: Glad we’re safe. Mammoth high five!
SAM: Hey, where did everyone else go?
WILL: Oh, man. I guess we’re still alone.

Both: We’re the only wooly mammoths left (x5)
Track Name: Bison (Bonus Track)
There comes a point in everyone’s life
When it’s finally time to leave home
My time has come, it’s time to go
To wander away from where my family roams

My father said,
Bye, Son
Be a good buffalo
Be kind to everyone
Everyone’s go trouble you know

I’m just another bison, a brother to my bros
The eldest of the three Barton buffalos
Farewell, Dad and Mom. So long, Ben and Barry
I’m leaving now with a song since leaving can be scary

My mother said,
Bye, Son
We’ll see you soon
Have a great year
You’ll be back here in early June

I’m off to Bison school to get my buffalo degree
In Buffalo, New York. It’s tough to go and leave my family
But I’ll learn lots of things that I can bring back to my herd
As I leave, I’ll remember these encouraging words

My parents said
Bye, Son
Be a good buffalo
Be kind to everyone
Everyone’s got trouble you know

My brother said
Bye, Bill
Can’t wait to take your room
I’ve been waiting for this moment since 1992

Everyone said
Bye, Son
We’ll miss you but we’ll call
And when you come back,
it’s be like you were never gone at all