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High Five Yourself!

by Will Parker

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I am dragon but I don’t fly. I don’t breath fire couldn’t roar if I tried. I look like a human and I act like one too. I am a dragon. I just don’t do what they do. I am a dragon truth be told. Formed in a volcano, I’m a thousand years old. My ancestors are dragons. My family is too. I am a dragon I just don’t do what they do. I am a dragon (x2) I eat cereal for breakfast. I wear pants and a shirt My family eats people and they sleep in the dirt. I sleep in clean sheets on my bed. I don’t consider humans better off dead. I am a dragon (x2) I am a dragon. I can’t change my roots. A cowboy’s still a cowboy if he takes off his boots. I am a dragon even though I don’t wreak havoc. I am a dragon, but I can’t stand it. I am a dragon (x2) I left home when I was only 95. For a dragon, that’s barely alive. I moved to the village and out of the cave. Where I learned to speak, and I learned to bath. I am a dragon (x4)
INTRO Sometimes people deserve high fives I think we all deserve one now So turn to your neighbor and give ‘em some skin Everyone knows how (Now..) CHORUS High five yourself High five your friend High five your foot And high five your head (Repeat) VERSE 1 Wake up in the morning give yourself a high five For just getting out of bed and being alive Give a high five to your brother and your sister as well And if you’re an only child, then high five yourself BRIDGE Now high five Oh everybody’s giving high fives I feel so alive I just gotta give myself a high five VERSE 3 You can high five when you dance You can high five when you run You can high five anytime just because it’s fun You can fancy crazy tricky high five moves Like spinning in a circle while still stayin’ in the groove CHORUS VERSE 4 You can high five when you eat You can high five when you study You can high five yourself or High five a buddy You can do fancy crazy tricky high five tricks Like behind your back as you do a triple axle backwards 900 upside-down inverted somersault apocalypse flip CHORUS
One morning making breakfast in my kitchen Cup of coffee and Bisquick from the box Ready to make plain buttermilk pancakes or at least I thought I was mixing up the batter like I do When I heard a voice say, "What the matter with you?" I turned around and I saw A three foot gummy bear with gummy paws So I paused, and she said, "Why do you make gummy bear pancakes instead?" Why don't we make gummy bear pancakes? I'll invite over all my friends Stacks and stacks of those yummy flapjacks Gummy bear pancakes Gummy bear pancakes! The three foot gummy bear said her name was Gum Gum I wanted to know where she had come from She said she'd come from Gummy Bear Valley And she'd brought her friends named Gary, Jane and Sally We made a bunch of gummy bear pancakes for breakfast and lunch We'll share with you Come on you can make gummy bear pancakes too I can make a gummy bear pancake Man, take this bag of gummy bears and shake Them into the Bisquick batter Artistic spatter of gummy bears everywhere on this big platter Why don't we make gummy bear pancakes? A breakfast I highly recommend Stacks and stacks of those yummy flapjacks Gummy bear pancakes Gummy bear pancakes! Why don't we make gummy bear pancakes? No other breakfast can contend Stacks and stacks of those yummy flapjacks Gummy bear pancakes Gummy bear pancakes!
I live in a cave I paint on the walls I have a long beard I'm not very tall I carry a club I invented the wheel I invented fire I'm the real deal Either he's crazy or a caveman! I like to hunt mammoth I wear sabertooth hide My name is Ug I lead my tribe I don't wear shoes Don't know what they are You might think my lifestyle is bizarre Either he's crazy or a caveman And that's okay You go right ahead, my friend And live your crazy caveman life Live your caveman life today Telling stories around the fire Throw more sticks onto the pyre Check out my new granite tire Don't take wheels for granted Chisilin's required Either he's crazy or a caveman And that's okay You go right ahead, my friend And live your crazy caveman life Live your caveman life today Is he a neanderthal or homosapien? Is that an ancient battle call or is he screaming just for fun? Why is he shouting while he runs He is still yelling; is he done? Either he's crazy or a caveman And that's okay You go right ahead, my friend And live your crazy caveman life Live your caveman life today
Alien Al 03:58
Your flying saucer fell from the sky I ran to see if you were okay And when I saw that you had not died I leapt and shouted, “Hooray! Hooray!” I greeted you, my right hand extended. You put your antennae on my face. At that moment, I realized I’d befriended An alien from outer space! Chorus: His new pal, Alien Al BFF from a UFO Evil red eyes, a villain in disguise He wants to kill our hero but our hero doesn’t know Al’s the best. He likes to play games. Sometimes they can get a little out of hand. Like dodge the lasers, examine human brains And analyze mutant DNA strands Alien Al is kinda weird He took some hair from my grandpa’s beard Now there’s another grandpa growing in a jar Oh, Alien Al I think you’ve gone to far Chorus Today Al seemed a little out of tough I guess it’s hard to explain He was sharpening his scalpels and such While taking x-rays of my brain Then he layed me down on a table He grinned and his eyes glowed red Then he attached a few electric cables To my hands and to my head Chorus Then I had a really crazy thought What if Al didn’t think we were friends? What if he’s trying to kill me, maybe not? Holey mole, this is hard to comprehend! My new pal, Alien Al BFF from a UFO Evil red eyes, a villain in disguise He wanted to kill me but I didn’t know
Let's hide under beds together Rampage the towns together Let's pretend to be monsters forever Monsters Monsters in love Your blue blue skin And your red red eyes Glow with ferocious Love and surprise The spikes on my skull Tingle with anticipation As you rise up from the swamp With a righteous indignation Let’s eat the farmer’s sheep together And try to keep those clever Humans from finding out What we monsters are all about We’re about love We can scare the children Out of their wits We can tear this whole word to bits And we can be Monsters in Love In love
We fly in planes and ride in boats We ride in trains and ride on goats We walk around and ride on bikes And we take the subway every night Chorus: Because we’re nomadic gnomes We’re nomadic gnomes We don’t have a home because we’re nomadic gnomes We travel daily across the land With drums and ukuleles in our band Maybe take a submarine, maybe take a van Lately I’ve been wondering where on earth I am. Chorus We’ve been to Alaska. We’ve been to Japan. We’ve been to Nebraska. We’ve been to the Sudan. We’ve been to Mexico. We’ve been to Peru. We’ve been to Botswana and we wann go to the San Diego Zoo. Chorus We’ve been Austin. We’ve been to Qatar. We’ve been to Boston. We’ve traveled very far. We’ve been to Bangladesh. We’ve been to Madrid. We even went to Canada. Yes, we did! Chorus We’re a democratic nomadic erratic fanatic tribe With a systematic mechanical way to survive We gnomes roam into the unknown Never alone and no, we don’t own land We just expand from Greenland to the Rio Grande A full-blown vagabond band of half-grown gnomes Known for wandering and squandering plans in favor Of spontaneity, man
That Cloud 02:15
Toy dinosaurs battle on my dashboard and I root for the triceratops because He's less aggressive than his nemesis the Tyrannosaurus Rex
I received my degree From Coloring Book University Alma Mater C.B.U. We will be forever true All hail our colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, Green, Brown, Periwinkle and Blue I majored in coloring and minored in coloring Because that’s all you do at C.B.U. You can take the Chemistry of Crayon Wax And the required class Staying in the Lines Which is of course a pre-requisite to Shading Level Nine My favorite class was Crayola History The company was founded in 1909 Coloring should never be a mystery No crayon left behind! When I graduated from C.B.U. I took up the only job I knew how to do I colored coloring books and sold them on Ebay Sometimes I would make fifteen cents a day Eventually, I couldn’t pay the rent All of my money had been spent And when all my food was gone I resorted to eating crayons I decided I should no longer color So I got a job where I muttered and I stuttered Good evening, welcome to Gourmet Taiwan Here’s a kid’s menu, would you like some cr-crayons? That’s when I would break down and cry I still missed Alma Mater C.B.U. Without my colors, I could die! Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Razzle-dazzle Red, Macaroni and Cheese, and Midnight Blue No crayon left behind (echo) X 1,000,000


The culmination of a few years of fun, friends, silliness and music. Feel free to follow along with the instructions.


released May 21, 2014

Thanks to all the Somewhat Splendid Individuals who made this collection of songs possible:

Edwin Stephens - production on "High Five Yourself" and "I Am A Dragon"
Michael Leach - bass on "Monsters in Love"
Olivia Stinziano - vocals on "Gummy Bear Pancakes" and "Crazy Caveman Life"
Liann Herder - vocals on "Monsters in Love" and "Alien Al"
Kate Cuellar - vocals on "Alien Al"
Alyx Gonzales - vocals on "Alien Al"
Evan Brooks - vocals on "Alien Al"
Caleb Parker - cowriter of "Alien Al"

The awesome campers, counselors and staff from Camp Allen (Session K 2012) - vocals on "Toy Dinosaurs" and "Coloring Book University"


all rights reserved



Will Parker San Antonio

Will Parker is a musician for kids "ages 1 to 100." During Will's whimsical and interactive shows, he plays guitar and harmonica and sings songs that open us up to the world of imagination while simultaneously validating the human experience. A fan favorite at each of Will's show is an improvised song based on topic suggestions from the audience. ... more

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